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We have a strong track record in business turnarounds

We are

a growth-focused investment holding company, founded in 2020 by three New Zealand business leaders and investors with a track record of business transformation and value creation.

Our ambition

is to create and grow a portfolio of high-performing companies.  We will achieve this through active management and investment in expansion.  

We are patient buyers with a long-term perspective in our investment decisions. 

Proven experience

in acquiring, growing and improving businesses, and managing portfolios.  Our strategic decisions are based on long-term value creation and what we believe is the right thing to do by our investors.

Collaborative and proactive

in applying our strategic and operational expertise to help our companies drive performance improvement and to enable growth.

Active business owner

is the approach we take with our companies, creating a key point of difference from many other investment companies and private equity funds.

We partner with others

through co-investment, ownership work-outs and partnering alongside proven management teams. We seek to be the partner of choice to help New Zealand companies grow locally and globally.

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